Timber is a material widely used to make fences to secure the property whether it be house, plaza, or corporate offices. Many fencing companies in Sydney offers you a variety of fencing options that will not only secure your house but also beautifies it. It has a beautiful natural look and texture and not just durable but also adds up to the magnificence of the surface. There are two types of timber, hardwood and soft wood both are equally competent when it comes to their usage. If you are thinking about getting a timber fence for your home or any other property below are some of the key elements to be kept in mind first. 

Hardwood timber fencing 

One of the finest and strongest wood fencing is hardwood fencing. It has a unique appearance that is aesthetically very pleasing to eyes. You can choose from a variety of different texture, colour and grain to enhance the look of your fence your timber fencing contractors will guide you all about. These wood fences also provides a great protection against termites and bushfires. If you can go a little overboard with the budget as well as the quality for your property security you can easily rely on hardwood timber fencing. 

Softwood timber fencing 

As obvious by the name this timber has rather softer surface than hardwood but it is still very strong and durable just not as strong as the hardwood. One of the advantage of working with softwood is that they are lightweight and easier to manage while working than hardwood.  One of the finest example of a softwood is pine. It has the ability to absorb smooth finishes like oil, varnish, paints, and urethane. As pine is very economical and easy to manage well it is widely used in DIY projects. 

Benefits of timber fencing 

There are a variety of benefits of timber fencing and why you should definitely opt for it. 

Ensures privacy 

Timber fencing preserves your privacy to maximum extent. Its strong and durable material blocks your neighbors to see through your house. It also prevents noise from outside and maintains the peace of your mind and doesn’t disturb your family life.  

Extremely versatile 

Timber fencing has a variety of different styles. You can either have a tall fence for complete privacy and security from outside. You can also have a small fence to enable outsiders to see inside your backyard. You can also put fence for decoration purposes as it adds up to the beauty of your home. There are multiple options of timber fencing to choose from for your property boundary like fencing rails, palings, fencepost, and gate frames.  

Beautifies your home 

The most amazing thing about timber fencing is that you can change the look any way you want. It has many looks and varieties to choose from. It can also be painted in any colour and can be changed whenever you want, and have multiple textures. A colourful timber fence in your garden or backyard will adds up to the aesthetics and gives a pleasant feel closer to nature. 

Things to keep in mind before hiring timber fencing contractors 

Before starting any project its immensely important to first research and get yourself educated about the do’s and don’ts according to your requirements and needs. There are number of fencing companies that provides a number of experienced and trained timber fencing contractors to choose from. The process of installing timber fences is not so easy and there are certain things to keep in mind before contacting timber fencing contractors in Sydney for example no gas or electricity supply coming into your home should get affected because it can be hazardous if digging into power line interrupts with fence hole 

Contact us today and our contractors will guide you all about what is best for you and will provide you with a solution for any fence related problem. Hire any of our experienced employee and get fancy timber fence installed just the way you like and want for your property and stop worrying about any privacy and security issues you are facing already.  

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