Whether you are painting your house for a special occasion or because you think it really needs to start looking less bedraggled, it helps to know a few things beforehand. Seeing as how people do not paint frequently, things change from time to time including technologies applied, such as special formulas integrated into paint solutions that help with preventing mould and fungus for instance, or to keep paint from seeping into hairline cracks and preventing dampness. There could also be new paint contractors who have sprung up that you may not know of. Assessing everything beforehand is key. Here are a few things you should know before getting down to business.  

The Weather 

Do not put painting the entire house for when the year brings rain and humidity. A slight drizzle here and there will not affect it, but if you schedule it at a time when it is known for adverse weather, that fault is yours really. Keep in touch with the weather, and any changes to climate. Paint just does not bode well with wet weather, and you will not only waste money working over it repeatedly, you will also end up with a ten times messier job on your hands. Prevent the hassle for everyone, and plan ahead.  

Browse Through Paints 

We mentioned a few interesting paint developments, and they do actually exist in the market, much as we wish we came up with those. You can only imagine the variety that is out there. A key thing to remember is quality over price. Good paints may be more expensive, but you can guarantee their longevity. They are usually always worth the price tag, as cheaper paints will mean you have to do another paint job pretty soon. Your commercial painting contractors Gold Coast, say a house painter Gold Coast for instance, should be able to offer you some insight into the subject.  

The Finish 

The other thing you have think about (also related to the paint itself), is the finish of the coats. Like we said, there are just so many paint options to choose from, and these also come with gloss, satin and matte finishes to name the primary ones. Whilst you may be partial to a particular sheen, remember that you will have to factor in things like what sort of area you are applying it to. For instance, high-traffic areas will mean frequent cleaning, so you want to be able to wipe down your walls fairly easily. And gloss is usually great for that sort of thing, as residue comes off more easily than it would off a matte finish.  

Test Samples 

There is no need to lug back bucket loads of paint that may not end up being what you want in the first place. Request for samples from your contractor, if they are providing the paint. You can even go and get yourself a few sample paints done independently, and bring them home to see which you prefer. This is important, since it will help you determine just how great the colour looks on a larger space. A few dollars spent on a sample is definitely worth it, especially when you consider the wastage the wrong type of paint can cost you. If you cannot seem to decide, ask a friend to come help you out!  


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