Carpentry is a skilled craft that involves work such as cutting, designing and installing materials in a building during construction. Carpenters mostly work with wood and are employed in the construction of buildings, ships and even bridges.  An individual should have a minimum of high school diploma to begin their career in carpentry along with necessary skills such as manual strength and stamina, the ability to work with different tools, should have basic computer skills and should be able to pay attention to detail. If you want to obtain a contractor’s license in your career then you need to complete Certificate 3 in carpentry to attain the required units to apply for it. Carpenters should be able to follow blueprints of a building in order to meet the need of the client and should also be able to identify any damage in the structure or framework of a building to be able to repair it or hire the necessary laborers for the job. They are also able to measure and shape materials such as wood and plastic to help build fixtures such as windows and erect the basic framework of a building. They work with a variety of power tools such as saws and welding machines to cut materials and hand tools such as chisels and levels. Carpentry is a very versatile occupation and individuals can choose from number of different options to choose what works best for them. Some workers mat be better at installing fixtures while others may be better working in construction of bigger buildings. There are many types of carpenters: 

  • Residential carpenters work with new homes and buildings and are also employed in remodeling. They set forms for walls and slabs and also build stairs, doors and cabinets. Many carpenters may start alone but may want to expand into the contractor sector and they can do that by first qualifying for Certificate 3 in Carpentry and then applying for a license.  
  • Commercial carpenters remodel and build office buildings, schools and even shopping malls. They work in forming the steel structure and finishing exterior and interior walls. They carry out many of the task as a residential carpenter. 
  • Industrial carpenters work in an industrial setting where they are tasked with creating forms for pouring concrete. They also built partitions in underground passageways and others may set concrete forms for bridges and dams. 

The first step in becoming a qualified carpenter is to complete an apprenticeship program which can take 3-4 years. This program allows beginners to obtain the necessary expertise by participating in on-job training and also getting classroom instruction. They will also learn how to deal with the tools used and how to avoid possible injuries. Carpenters are on their feet for most of their job and even have to work in small spaces; thus, is ideal for them to follow a fitness regime to keep in shape and build stamina. They may also choose to get diplomas, associate degrees or certificates such as certificate 3 in carpentry as it allows them to gain additional experience. Further, carpenters must enhance their marketable skills and specialize in them such as becoming fluent in other languages to get jobs from other countries as well.  

Carpentry is a great choice for an occupation as the earning potential is limitless. The pay is great for supervisors and contractors but apprenticeship programs also give a good amount of money to motivate you too go further into the business. It is also a good choice for people who want to work from home and can find a niche to work in. As population continues to rise, there is will be construction of new homes and the need for carpenters will always be on the rise. You don’t have to worry about recession as it is an occupation that has many opportunities. Carpenters genuinely enjoy their work and the ability to construct something with their hands gives them immense satisfaction. They also stay fit and have fewer chances of developing heart disease and diabetes as there is a lot of physical activity involved. 

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