Catering businesses are a great way to create an additional income stream. The business does tend to be seasonal in certain areas, but people have birthdays all year round. Here are a few tips for starting your own catering company.  

Get your name out there 

Making your business known to your potential client base is key. Most businesses can’t rely on word of mouth alone and we spend vast amounts of money on marketing services to get their foot in the door. This isn’t always necessary thanks to great networking platforms like Hosbay that connects restaurant, bar and hotel owners with high-quality equipment. If you’ve got or need equipment this is a great place to find what you need or advertise your goods.  

Be sure you’re looking in the right places 

If you are looking to increase the inventory you have to offer your own customer base, you want to be sure you’ve invested in quality restaurant equipment AdelaideIf your inventory is of a high standard, clients will keep coming back to use you for all their events.   

Turn chaos to calm  

Any business needs an efficient central organisational system. There are many different options out there, so do your research and pick the one that is the best suited to your needs at the present time, but will also be able to grow with your business.  

Create the right home for your investment 

Make sure you have the correct storage facilities and equipment. Imagine walking into your storage area one day to find badly stacked glassware has fallen down and you’ve lost a chunk of your inventory. Or worse yet, finding pests or rodents in your storage area and accidentally sending one of them off to a client. Factoring in the procurement and maintenance of an adequate storage area is a vital component of any successful catering company.  

Move that merch the right way 

Making sure your catering arrives at its destination at the right temperature is another key element to a successful catering company. Not all of your clients’ events are going to be around the corner so ensuring your products travel well is of the utmost importance. You will need the proper storage equipment to ensure cold or frozen foods remain chilled and warm foods remain warm or warmers are provided.  

Why not cover all the bases? 

Providing a multifaceted catering services could give you the competitive edge when it comes to finding your place in the market. Consider giving your clients the option of not just getting their catering from you, but also the equipment they need to keep the food at the right temperature. They could also get their serving dishes, plates, bowls and utensils from you. By hiring a few students or relatively inexpensive freelance staff members you could even offer a waiter service to serve the meals and drunks. They could also help tidy up after the event is over and pack up your hired equipment saving your customers from having to do so themselves. Many people would pay a bit extra to have that convenience, especially at the end of an event where they’re tired or a bit tipsy and the last thing they want to do it worry about making sure each spoon they hired is washed and returned.  


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