When most of us think of fences we think of white pickets and boundary markers, which is absolutely not wrong, but for most of us that is as far as it goes. The reality is that fences are big business and that there are many types of fences or boundary solutions, many of which the not-so-expert among us probably wouldn’t even consider as being a fence. But we are here to educate and to inform and as such we have compiled a list of fence types, or perhaps to put it better, a list of uses for fences.

So here we go: 

The Concrete Barrier 

Also known as T-lok barriers these heavy concrete blocks are designed to absorb impact. They are generally used as lane separators in traffic and on roads. They are sometimes used purely to keep cars moving in opposite directions apart but they are also frequently used when there are road works taking place, ostensibly to keep workers and traffic apart. Most civil engineering companies have these as standard but if you needed some for a project you were doing a simple internet search for the phrase fencing hire Melbourne would in all likelihood provide you with a solution. 

Water-filled Barriers 

Another regular roadside feature these barriers are easier to move than the aforementioned T-Loks. This is largely due to the fact that the water-filled barriers are transported and put into position when empty and then filled with water. So they are much lighter and easier to manipulate. The down side of course is that, while they can also absorb impact well, they break and crack more easily and in turn need to be replaced. In short, these are a more temporary solution that the T-Loks, but just as effective in the short term. 

The Triton Banner 

Sticking to the construction and road orientated theme another fence type is the Triton Barrier. The Triton is another barrier that is filled with water, but it is smaller than the water-filled barrier outlined above, meaning it isn’t able to withstand as much impact. It comes with an internally fitted steel frame and is generally used in areas where traffic is moving at 50km per hour or less.      

Protecting people from themselves 

People are not always as smart as they think they are and in many instances they need to be protected from themselves. It might seem like an obvious thing to say but people in the fencing and construction business consider pedestrian bridges as part of their solution. In short if an area has been rendered inaccessible due to road-works, but people still need to get across to the other side, then a temporary pedestrian bridge is the solution. That solution, which is generally available for hire, is a temporary aluminum bridge that can be erected quickly, stays stable and strong for the duration of the project and which can be disassembled and taken away once the job is done. It is a safe solution with secure edges to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

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