Building a home and living a comfortable life in it is every person’s dream. Whether it is a nice little cottage down the countryside or a flat in the city. A lot of factors come into play when deciding where to build a home for yourself or the home design that suits your needs. The home design could mean a lot of things. It has a wide range of definitions meaning the term could refer to when you are designing your home for the first time, or for sprucing up your old interior. Just as much luxury is making its way in our lives in the form of wearables such as designer clothes, handbags, the famous red-soled heels, skin care and hair care of the best kind, it is making quite a breakthrough in luxury home designs Brisbane as well.

Living, interior design and lifestyle magazine are published just as much as a fashion magazine and are read with the same zeal and zest all over the world. Let’s face it, we are drawn to luxury in every aspect of our everyday life and why should homes and living trends be any different.  Aesthetically pleasing and healthier environments to live in be the goal of today’s world of home designing. 

Home designing trends change drastically over the period of a year and some of the trends taking over all the big cities of the world e.g., New York, Milan, Brisbane, Paris are discussed below in detail. Maximalism, the opposite of minimalism, goes against the rule of “less is more” but rather revolves around “more is more”. The idea behind modern maximalism to finish off the design with an over-decorated look.

Maximalism is a rather riotous look but more and more designers are going in for this look to make their client’s homes chic and luxurious. Examples include layering different rugs, using bright, extravagant colors and bold patterns not only for pillows and accessories but for larger furniture pieces, and decorating with bold-on-bold accents such as wallpaper and rugs in the same space. This look can be experimented through curtain hardware and by mixing different media as well. 

You might think what’s new or hip about wallpapers. They have been around a long time but that’s where you’re wrong. We are not talking about antiquated wallpaper designs form your grandma’s closet. The trend of wallpapers in Brisbane has reached new heights of coolness with digitally printed paper. The design options are endless and full of variety from really saturated colors to unique motifs. Patterned wallpapers really bring texture to space. There are textural wallpapers as well, such as silk, grass-cloth, and tasteful vinyl. Each with its own soothing feeling to touch.

Another home design trend to be noted is wood finishes are ageless but what so special about cerused wood finishes? Cerusing uses a white pigment to fill in and reveal the unique grain lines of the wood. It is an old and masterfully developed technique which brings out the texture of the wood like any other. It adds an organic touch to space in a simple modern way. The technique is being used on everything from cabinetry to furniture. It can be just as effective on entire furniture pieces as on the feet s of chairs and table for finishing touches. 

Neutral tones are slowly replacing bolder, more vibrant color shades. Jewel tones such as purple, green are making their way up. These bolder shades are mostly expressed as pops of color in a room. The colors are not only painted on walls but rather a strategically placed furniture piece or accessories such as vases or artworks donned with a bright tone does the trick of lifting up the mood of the space.

Lately, everything is coming up with roses and peonies and lilacs. Splashes of over-sized blooms and large-scale floras with botanical references in wall art and furniture have been gaining attention in interior design. The floral patterns make a statement whether be on curtains or used on walls. And the best thing about incorporating florals patterns is you can go simple or go over the top, it never fails. 

To sum it all, these trends of home designs are highly in demand these days because of the pleasures they provide. One can easily choose which design to incorporate into his house. It entirely depends on the taste of the person who wants to have a renovation of the house to choose the pattern, color or style. As the people in Brisbane have become more concerned about the luxurious home settings in life these days!   

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