The world of photography has changed a great deal over the last century. Whereas before it was a formal activity with posed faces, it is now a much more spontaneous and positive affair. Before the invention of smartphones, photography was an expensive thing as you had to buy film and then pay for the development of your pictures; you also could not determine the exact nature of the picture before it had been developed. Nowadays, people can take as many shots as they like as phones have a lot of memory, you can even delete as many as you like as there is no cost of deletion. Sharing photos is as easy as a swipe on your phone and creating albums to get printed has also become a much less cumbersome task.  

Photography helps in preserving our memories. People die and leave us but we can always look back at our recorded moments with them to help deal with the loss. We record the moments that are important to us such as birth and birthdays, marriage, holidays and so many more. They encapsulate our life story and are the memoirs we leave behind for the generations to come. Whether we choose to get them framed in a frameless frame or simply get them printed for an album, we are leaving an imprint of our lives. Photographs remain behind as our legacy even when we move on. Some events that are captures can have very little significance at that time but after a long time has passed, they become invaluable. We can share our lives with other through photos. Many people want to tell their friends and loved ones about daily occurrences as well as important occasions and they are able to include others through sharing pictures.  Many people can reach inwards through photography to find the artist residing inside. When they see something beautiful, they can easily freeze it with a single shot and share the beauty with others. This is a truly contentious feeling and satisfies our need to create something that has meaning. Different emotions can be expressed through this art. People often get shots that make them happy framed in a number of ways, for example, in frameless frames as well as traditional ones, so that they are always right in front of them. It can also be used to portray the problems of the world and move us enough so that we do something about it. 

Many people enjoy looking at pictures. When they visit your house, photo frames are one of the first things that people notice as it satisfies their curiosity about you. Picture frames are also an important part of interior décor as they are something that add to the appeal of your house. Frames come in a variety of styles and shapes; there are wooden frames, black and white frames, metallic frames and even frameless frames. Here is a more detailed list: 

  • Metal frames are very durable and versatile. They go with every type of décor style and range from very simple to very formal. They add a look of classiness to your room and came in different types of metal such as silver or brass 
  • Wooden frames have a matte finish are very suitable for your house or office. The photos in these frames can be easily changed as there are tabs on the backside that can help lift the back. 
  • Cloth frames are created by gluing fabric to the frame and can be decorated with embroidery and other embellishments. You can even make these at home.  
  • Digital photo frames display series of photos. These are stored in a storage device which is then inserted in the frame that shows a continuous cycle of the photos you have chosen. They can also play music and videos and are great for putting in your living room where there are family gatherings. 

Framing helps protect your memories and art, by getting them encased in a frame you are able to shield them from decaying. You are able to make a statement with the pictures on your walls and allow people to learn more about you and what is important to you by looking at them. When photos are frames, they stand out and by choosing the correct frame and style you can make it even more beautiful. A framed photo is also a very thoughtful gift and shows other how much they mean to you.  

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