Intro to vaping 

Vaping is often chosen for being a healthy alternative to smoking which is factually known to be disastrous for health. Many smoking addicts find it lot easier to switch to e-cigarette instead of quitting smoking cigarettes. This not only saves them from a lot of health hazards, but also saves them from a great amount of money that the smokers annually spend on cigarettes. Buying an e-cigarette may cost more than a pack of cigarettes, but being rechargeable and reusable, vapes or electronic cigarettes offer a much cheaper option in the long run. In fact, even buying a vape doesn’t need to cost a lot. There is a variety of options when it comes to modifications so if a Vape Mod doesn’t fit in your budget, you can simply go for a e-cigarette or a cigarette pen which is not too expensive.  

Other than choosing between the Mod, one has to select the ingredients of vape juice. For the vape juice, one can go for either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. In addition to that, one has to choose the desired flavor of juice and the level of nicotine to be added to this juice. The levels of nicotine vary so it is recommended to start with the lowest level at the start.  

Facts about vaping 

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to e-cigarettes. Following facts will clarify these common misconceptions so you can have a clear idea of what vaping is all about.  

  1. There are some e-cigarettes that have a cartilage of tobacco. These do not come under the category of e-cigarettes because an e-cigarette needs to have zero tobacco. Even the tobacco flavored vapes do not actually have tobacco in them.  
  2. Often people believe that the juice has some harmful chemicals in it which is not true. The composition of e-juice includes vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, which makes 90% of the juice while the remaining 10% consists of food flavor and any nicotine added. Therefore, contrary to the popular belief, e-juice has no hidden ingredients.  
  3. Many people consider vape to be dangerous due to the addition of nicotine. However, this is not completely true since nicotine isn’t a mandatory ingredient of e-juice. It is optional and some countries, including Australia, do not allow the usage of nicotine in vape juice. Irrespective, even if it is used in the juice, the quantity used is minimal so it does not pose any harm.  

Intro to Box Mod vaporizers 

A Box Mod vaporiser gives an ultimate vaping experience that user wants. It is designed for those who want customized vaping experience. The ‘box’ in the name represents the shape and size of this device and ‘Mod’ stands for the modifications in the e-cigarette. Box Mod offers a number of options including replaceable batteries, atomizers and cartilages. Be it the flavor or the throat hit, the user can adjust the vaping experience according to their desire. It works in the same way as a common vaporizer does. The juice from the cartilage is heated in the atomizer through which the vapors move to the mouthpiece. The only difference in the case of Box Mod is, the user can choose between different flavors, atomizers and even nicotine levels. It also offers longer lasting battery.  

Anatomy of E-cigarette 

Over the years, e-cigarettes have undergone several modifications, but the old ones haven’t been discontinued. They are still available in the market which gives a wide variety of options available for the user to choose from. Following are the key components of a vaping device.  

  1. The device itself; the device comes in a number of options. From cig-a-likes to customised Box Mods. 
  2. Battery; the battery plays a crucial role in running the device. There is an option of choosing for replaceable or non-replaceable batteries. 
  3. Atomizer; the atomizers play the role of turning juice into vapors.  
  4. E-liquid; this is the main ingredient of the vape. This is the juice that turns to vapors for the smoking experience.  

Choosing Starter’s kit  

If you’re new to the vaping experience there are few things you need to be considerate about when choosing your vape starter kit.

  1. The Nicotine level 
  2. Flavor you desire. If you’re switching from cigarettes, it is often recommended to start with tobacco flavor to make the switching easier.  
  3. Battery life. You need to decide how much longer you need the battery to last and whether replaceable batteries work better for you or rechargeable ones.  
  4. Size and comfort. As mentioned earlier, the device comes in a number of sizes and modifications so choose the one that suits your needs.  

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