Your house is probably the biggest and most important asset that you will ever own. It’s a roof over your head, it’s the place where you entertain and raise your family, it’s where you will get old and it’s where you make memories. But it’s not just a once off investment and years of paying money back to the bank who provided you with a mortgage in the first place, it requires constant upkeep and maintenance and obviously the ultimate goal is to increase the value of your property so that it ends up worth a whole lot more than what you have paid for it. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your property and to add maximum value to it without major cost. 


Don’t let things slip 

A household maintenance expert we spoke to in preparing this article was quick to say that the first thing you need to do is not allow the value of your property to drop through lack of maintenance and failing to do the basics. According to a consultant at BWC Coastwide, these are an example of a serious issue that could see the value of your property dip alarmingly. A bathroom covered with signs of damp is an instant turn off for would-be buyers and it’s also not a great thing to have to live with either. Don’t allow it to happen. Ventilation and mould-proof paint should go a long way to fixing any issues. 



It’s quite amazing what a coat of paint can do for a house. It costs a bit but it is so worth it. Properly done, both inside and out, a fresh coat of paint can modernize a building, freshen it up and in many instances make it look brand new. It’s also not something that mould problems Sydney has to be done all at once. If money is an issue do it room by room. And if money is still an issue look to buy paint on sale. It might not be quite the colour that you wanted, but the price will be good and the effect will be great. 



As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. And any impression that you are going to make on guests or potential buyers of your house, is made before they have even entered the house itself. So spend some time on your garden. It doesn’t require a huge investment, it just needs sustained input and a degree of love to ensure that your front and back yards are filled with life. Keep the grass watered, plant evergreen shrubs and plants that bloom nicely when in season. A tree or two won’t go amiss either. The effect is enormous and the cost is not huge. 


Built-In Cupboards 

Storage space in any house is critical. And storage can be done in one of two ways, freestanding unit or built-in ones. Both have the same effect with regard to storage, but only one adds value to the house – and that’s the built in solution. It’s a nice DIY project that you can tackle yourself, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune and not only will it help you clean up any clutter in your house, it also ensures that when it does come to selling one day, you have created something of value that will allow you to offload at a higher price.   



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