Do you know what one of our favourite pastimes is? Shopping! And, do you know how do we buy most of the times? Online shopping! There is no doubt that most of us are spending our hard-earned money on online shopping. Can’t blame ourselves! It has the charm. What appeals the online buyers these days is the access to multiple products that aren’t available locally, at once. Not just this, but whenever there are sales and new collections hitting the stores, going out to the mall and getting a chance to buy the products you like require actual efforts and hard work. On the hindsight, for online shopping, all you need is a stable internet connection and a love for shopping. Your online shopping cart will fill up with the products within no time. Cherry on top, you will be confused between multiple products and which one should you slash, because obviously, you are exceeding your budget. However, in this day and age, still some people are reluctant on buying products through international means. If you are ordering from an Australian online store, you would want to know of all the possible things that must be kept in mind while checking out. We know, you have earned that cash the hard way, and wouldn’t want it to go down the drain, just because you didn’t know something or were negligent.  

The foremost thing, while buying from an overseas seller, to be considered is who exactly the seller is? Before you commit to the purchase, take the liberty to search the authenticity of the seller or the website you are potentially buying from. Let’s say, you are ordering kids ride on cars, you need to read the reviews and ratings of the previous customers and how did they find the product to be. Most specifically, search for the reviewers who got the products delivered to international destinations. It will help you decide, if all that buying is worth the efforts or not. Similarly, search around to see if the seller has credibility or not? Go to all their social media pages, and just a few minutes of research will help you decide, if the seller deserves your money or not.  

In transit, unfortunately, occasionally some of the products can get damaged. This is why, you need to be vigilant and check who will be responsible for the loss incurred. If a seller is allowing you to track the product and is giving insurance option, then you should seriously consider buying. This will give you the liberty to continuously track your product and claim the damage, if the need be. To know about such conditions, you need to read the terms of use displayed on the seller’s website to get to know more. In case, you can’t find details, we suggest you contact the seller before making the decision. Similarly, when it comes to buying things from international sellers, you need to see if you will be paying the taxes, customer charges, and processing of goods valued at over AUD $1,000 etc. You can be charged for products that fall under the amount less than this as well. So, if you are ordering a cheap kids teepee, the custom may charge you even more than the actual cost. Most of the times, the buyer is responsible for the charges, but some online sellers help you with them as well. Do check, if yours is one of those or not.  

Furthermore, more often than not, we tend to neglect the exchange rates and just do an average estimation of the exchange cost. International websites usually display charges in their own currency, so calculate the price that will be paid in Australian dollars. Before ordering the product, calculate your exact cost, so you don’t end up paying more than you initially expected. If things go wrong with the product, shipment or any other thing, do contact your seller to discuss the concerns and resolve them as soon as you can.  

So, what’s the verdict? Online shopping is fun, convenient and comes with a load of benefits. Though there are downsides of ordering from overseas, but a little research and enquiry goes a long way. If you are vigilant and extremely cautious, then we are sure your experience will turn out to be definitely a positive one.  

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