Don’t you just hate it when you have your doors or windows open and those pesky insects keep flying in and bothering you without letting up? You can’t even enjoy the weather when it permits let alone have your door open just for the sake of it.

Here in Australia, as we know, just about everything bites. Therefore nobody would want to attract any sort of unwanted insects through the doors, flies then become the least of our problems, nevertheless, still a problem.

In Australia, the local companies are up for solving your insect invasion problems with their retractable insect screens, which aim to provide the utmost defence in terms of protection from flies and other insects entering your home. With this screen, you no longer need to worry about leaving your doors and windows open, the screens claim to do their job and keep all sorts of flying insects out of your home, while you sit in the comfort of your house and enjoy the weather without having to worry about those annoying creatures. All the while promoting locally made products, as the doors are made right here in Australia. 

The screens claim to provide defence against the little insects whilst still doing justice to the aesthetics in your interior design. The mesh screens appear to be tastefully designed and classy to look at. Thus blending into the decor of your house does not seem to be much of an issue. The screens at Kestrel, a local manufacturer, have an aluminium frame, which comes in three standard colours of black, silver, and white, however, if these do not fit in with your decor, you can have them tailored to whatever colour you wish to adopt. Moreover, the retractable fly screens Melbourne do not have the saggy mesh which we tend to see on regular screens, as that can be unsightly. Therefore they make sure the screens are under a constant tension and do not sag and ruin the look of the screens altogether.

Moreover, when you’re done with them or don’t want them to be seen, you can easily retract them and slide them back out of sight. 

The security doors at Kestrel claim to be made to withstand any type of weather and remain durable while doing so. It is believed that the screen doors may occasionally blow in with strong gusts of air, however, the Brio 612 screens are made to be durable and withstand wind gusts of up to 30 kilometres per hour. Constant tests and retests have been done and it was found that if a gust stronger than 30km/hr does manage to get the better of the mesh, it won’t tear or rip, rather simply get dislodged from its channel, ready to be put back later without a hassle, after the storm subsides. Some of the local producers also give a 5-year warranty on the mesh, however, that is, if people or pets within the household do not cause the damage to it.   

Moreover, the doors are capable of fitting any sized architectural openings. The single screen doors can cover an opening of 3.2 meters by 4.5 meters and the double screen door fitting 3.2 by 9 meters. Which pretty much fits any gap you can come across if not, you can consider several screens. With that, you can gauge what size best suits the area which you want to be covered, accordingly you can place an order and have it installed within your house.

If you have, any queries related to the security doors, you could contact this reliable local manufacturer through email or helpline. Share your thoughts or question as they claim to be responsive towards any sort of queries, which one may have regarding these products. 

To see more of their products you can visit their website directly. The product seems to be good as they do their job, whilst remaining easy on the eyes as well as sturdy and robust.  

Hopefully, the screens will do their job for a long-term solution to you insects defence-related needs. 

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