Cosmetics make up a very big part of lives. They can help us enhance the features that we like about ourselves and can help us cover up our imperfections. They can help us battle any self-esteem issues that we may be struggling with, by helping us get rid of the problem itself, or at least making it more bearable. However, the cosmetics that we put on our faces day in and day out can have many drawbacks from a health perspective, as they can be full of harmful chemicals that can severely damage our skin. What’s more is that they can be absorbed into our body through our skin. These harmful chemicals can have long term effects on our body and can, over time, make our skin look much worse than it was before. This helps explain why some products that make lofty claims to improve the texture of our skin over time, and to fade marks and the like actually leave us looking much worse a couple of months down the line. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to stop using the cosmetics that we love and rely on. Rather, we can simply make the switch to products that are healthy not just for us, but for the environment. 

Drawbacks of traditional products  

Eco friendly products may seem like the latest fad on the market, with nothing more to offer than lofty claims and overly priced products, but it is far from that. Eco friendly products are one of the very few fads that actually deserve the hype that they get. These products are actually certified to be completely free of any harmful chemicals, so you can be sure that there is nothing unnatural that you are putting on your face. And of course, with these products being so natural, you can be sure that you will be getting the full benefits of whatever active ingredients you pick. Whether it is a lotion, a serum or a gel, you can rest assured that it is as natural as it can get, with no hard to pronounce ingredients printed on the labels.  

Protecting the environment as well as ourselves  

Another very huge benefit of eco friendly products based in Australia is that they aren’t just good for us, but for the environment as well. With these products being grown organically, the amount of pesticides, hormones and fertilizers dumped into the soil is reduced significantly. In addition to this, organic products are most usually sourced very sustainably, which means that we do not take so much from the environment that it cannot replenish itself. This also means that less toxins are being pumped into the air, helping make the world a cleaner, greener place as well. In addition to this, eco-friendly products can be very cost effective, as we aren’t paying for fancy packaging but rather for the pure, unadulterated product which can eb much longer lasting as we will use less of it to achieve the same effect. 

Importance of swapping out our self-tanners  

While it may be difficult to make a full shift to eco-friendly and organic products, we can make the change a gradual one, starting from the most important products. One of these products can be natural tanning products in Australia. Self-tanning is something that is widely practiced, as it can make skin that otherwise looks pasty white and sickly, and give it a healthy, bronzed glow. The reason why it is important to use organic tanning products is because we use tanners all over our bodies, from our heads to our toes. With such a large area covered, using chemically laden products simply isn’t an option – at least not a wise one. With this kept in mind, we should shift to organic tanners. 

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