At some point in their life, most people will find themselves with a little bit of money to spare or an opportunity to invest. It’s an exciting thing, and one that if done right, can reap massive benefits. Obviously if done wrong it can be a complete disaster and leave you in a much worse situation that you were when you started. So how do you get it right and where do you put your money? The answer to this question is not easy and a lot of it is based on your investment strategy, but if your strategy is a safe one, built around long-term growth, then we have some potential options for you to explore. 


Look at property 

One of the safest and surest investment vehicles, property not only provides you with a roof over your head, it also tends to appreciate in value year on year and, for the most part, grow ahead of inflation.  The key is to find a place in the right area – one that meets both your budget and lifestyle requirements, and also one that stands a good chance of increasing in value ahead of market rates. A good place to start is the internet. Perhaps search for something like house and land packages Mickleham, which covers off what you are looking for and where. Do you research on the area and then talk to the local experts. And wait for the bargains to show themselves. You never need to be hasty. 


Something Stylish 

Motor cars as investments tend to be frowned upon, and rightly so, but there are cars that work as investment opportunities and they tend to be pretty cool cars as well. We are talking classic and antique cars here. Not your modern, out of the display homes Point Cook new or second hand cars, but something with a bit of style from the 1960’s or ‘70’s. Think Mustangs or MGB’s or even an old Porsche 911. These are cars, that if looked after, will increase in value year on year. And you will have fun driving them all the while. 


Stock Market 

Investing here can often seem quite daunting and to the common man in the street there is the perception that buying shares is something reserved for bankers and fund managers. But that’s not the case and in actual fact it is quite easy. The important thing to do is to make sure that you are backing a winner and a company that is regarded as a winner. Don’t get involved in penny stocks or speculative buys – sure, this could see you double you money overnight, but at the same time you could also lose everything. Rather investigate carefully, find out what are the top one hundred shares in your country and pick from them.  



The world of art can be complicated but it can also be particularly rewarding. But it is an investment place that requires you to know what you are doing – and to have a good eye for aesthetics. It’s not easy, but as long-term investments go, if you are able to purchase a work by an upcoming artist at the start of their career, as they develop and progress and gain stature and fame, you will find that what you purchased back in the day for next to nothing, is suddenly a very valuable commodity. And it will look good hanging on your wall. 



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