Whether you’re the tidiest person on earth or you have a tendency to leave a mess wherever you go, having children will only make the problem worse. Your efforts to keep the house clean will likely go to waste when you have little feet running around destroying your hard work straight afterwards. Since the whole family probably eats in the kitchen, keeping this room tidy could prove to be particularly difficult. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of things even when you have children making a mess.  

Get the kids involved 

One of the ways to keep the whole house a bit tidier when you have children is to get them involved and ask them to help. Make them feel like they have a very important job that you need them to do, and even if they don’t do it quite right or take a long time to tidy up, praise them and make them feel like they are doing it right. This will encourage them and make them more willing to try even harder and help you in the future.  

Give your children a specific area 

It’s important to make your children feel like they are an equal part of the family, but there’s no harm in giving them their own space in the kitchen so that you can concentrate on keeping everything else tidy. If you’re having your kitchen resigned by a company such as Apollo Kitchens, you can ask them to create a special space for your children to eat at. This could be their own table and chairs, or maybe it’s a specific end of the table. Your children will probably feel very special having their very own area.  

Have a reward chart 

Reward charts can work wonders with children, so if you’re struggling to get your kids to stop making mess in the kitchen or ruining the tidy state that you’ve left it in, start a reward chart and stick it on the wall or the fridge inside the kitchen. Every time they do something good, such as tidying up after themselves, give them a star on the chart. You can also reward them for not making any mess, so they can get a star even if they haven’t made any mess to tidy up! When they have five stars (or ten – the amount you choose is up to you), they can choose a small prize or other reward.  

Keep things out of reach 

Anything that your children might spill should be kept well out of reach, and this should include wine and other liquids that you might have previously been used to keeping in a much lower cupboard or on a rack. The fewer things your children have to mess around with, the less mess you will find in your kitchen! As your children get older, you can tell them not to touch certain things and then take away their rewards if they disobey.  

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