When dealing with security, it’s important that you trust the company you’re working with. Of course, routine locksmith jobs can be scheduled, cleaning a lock, installing a new one or repairing an old one – but emergency cases aren’t always so easily planned. What happens when you’ve lost your keys in the dead of night and can’t get into your flat? Or what if your automatic locking system won’t respond, or your lock is jammed due to dust build up? Night or day, sourcing a locksmith should be easy, considering you’re already probably stressed as it is.

In times of urgency, you want to find a locksmith that is reliable, trusted and able to reach you at any hour of the day or night. Most of us have experienced the inconvenience of forgetting our keys at home, locking yourself out when taking the bins out, or losing your keys in an unexpected accident. Unfortunately, there’s no calendar event for these emergencies. But that’s where a locksmith is your best friend.

No matter where you live across Adelaide, you want to know that you can get in safely any hour of the night. Each city is different, and not only is sleeping outside cold and uncomfortable, but it can potentially be dangerous. So, with this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of important tips to keep in mind when looking for a locksmith in Adelaide.

Look for 24-hour services

There’s no point looking into locksmiths if they only service during certain hours. Emergencies don’t have a schedule, and you might find yourself at 3am stuck for help. Make sure to specify 24 hours so you don’t avoid scoping through locksmiths that can’t help.

Word of mouth matters

It’s not as valued as it used to be, but recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues are important. No doubt someone you know has been in a sticky situation before and asking around can ensure you get someone who is recognised in Adelaide.

Do your research

You may have a local listing of locksmiths but doing your research can make a huge difference in avoiding a cruddy locksmith. Take advantage of reviews, testimonials and detail of services and team members. Qualifications, backed up experience, and a detailed website are all things you should look out for.

Find someone with multipurpose skills

Most of the time, locksmiths don’t just fix locks. Your best locksmith should provide an array of services for your car or house. Of course, they’ll be able to help with an emergency lock situation, but a lot of locksmiths can also provide you with hardware, door control, furniture fittings and hinges, as well as provide you with a variety of multipurpose locks and even key cutting.

Follow your gut

It goes without saying that if a website or business doesn’t feel right, you should probably skip it. A strange website, a poor review or simply no real online presence could all be indicators of a locksmith that isn’t so trustworthy. Odds are, if you don’t completely trust what you’re looking at, you should go for your next best option.

Get quotes

Finally, nothing is worse than a surprise cost on emergency job. If you want to know what to expect, it’s always important to check on quotes. Some may have prices on their website, while others should be able to provide you with an obligation free quote. Call up a handful of your potential Adelaide locksmiths and see how they all charge. Weigh that up with the services and location of the business and you should be able to come up with an idea on who’s the best choice.

Fortunately, security in Adelaide isn’t as much of a concern as other cities in other countries, so finding an accredited and recognised locksmith in Adelaide is a fairly easy job. But, it’s better to be safe, and ensuring you research your locksmith thoroughly before choosing to call them up can help prevent nasty costs, and poor work or unreliable, rude specialists.

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