Anyone who has ever used an iPhone, even for once, just falls in love with the way it functions. There is no doubt that no cell phone ever has managed to fall even near to the amazing features that Apple’s very own iPhone offers. They are powerful, have the functionalities that other phones don’t offer, and have simply become the part of our status quo. However, those who have used it or use it know that all the features that iPhone provides come with a price, and that is the battery. You need to charge your phone frequently, if you are an intensive user, and we all know how irritating that is. It becomes more annoying when you have to use your phone for something urgent, and a big red line is bulging out of your battery bar. So, what to do if you want to keep an iPhone alongside a good battery life and of course the frequent usage too? You need to be clever, a bit vigilant and follow some tips and tricks. Yes, it’s really that simple! There are multiple ways to conserve your iPhone’s battery life, but many of them include turning off some features and services here and there. Don’t worry, we won’t stop you from doing all the cool things that the iPhone can do, just because you want to save up on some juice. Let’s take a quick ride together on ways through which you can improve your phone’s battery life. 

The foremost way to preserve some juice is to prevent the background App refresh. Out of all the ways that make iPhone smarter for your use, it is one of them. Through this feature, the apps that you most frequently use get automatically updated from time and again in the background. This means that whenever you are going to open that particular app, it will have all the latest information. Needless to say, this feature drains most of your battery, so simply turn it off, and manually update the app whenever you open it. Just go to your ‘Settings’, tap ‘General’ and choose ‘Background App Refresh’. You will get the option to ‘Disable the feature’ entirely, so just do that.  

Always use your original charger, or if it isn’t working, buy iPhone charger of a good quality. If all else fails and you are still unable to conserve some battery, simply get more battery. What this means is that you can invest in a few well-known accessory makers that offer extended life batteries for the iPhone. Other than disabling the apps that are battery consuming, the frequent phone use can lead to you always want charging. In such conditions, buying an extended life battery is your best bet. Moreover, you should use content blockers in Safari to prevent advertising and tracking cookies. While you must be pondering what effect this has on your battery life, let us tell you the ads track feature uses a lot of battery. So, if you are wondering where all your juice is going, even if your phone is lying useless, here is your answer. You can easily find out some really good content blocking apps, install them, learn to use them and you will definitely protect your iPhone from losing battery quickly. 

Do you want another simple trick up your sleeve to save battery? Turn on your iPhone’s Auto-brightness feature. Every iPhone has an ambient light sensor, which adjusts the brightness of the display as per the light around it. This not only saves battery, but makes your everyday use extremely easier. To turn it off, go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Display & Brightness’ and tap ‘On’. You’re good to go now! Furthermore, there is no need for you to always keep your Wi-Fi on, if the phone isn’t in use. You can drain your battery life by a great margin, if your iPhone has the Wi-Fi turned on at all times. I guess, we really don’t need to tell you how to turn it off and on.  

In the end, don’t misuse your iPhone and turn all those features off that are not in frequent function. It doesn’t take a lot of time to just go back to the Settings to turn them on. What matters the most here is your battery and how long it can last, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your iPhone’s charger or finding a power socket after every few hours.  

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