Established in 2011, Team Medical Supplies is an Australian based family run clinical supplies and supports distributor. We disperse across the country and provide hospital supplies and other necessary equipment for practically all kinds of clinical professionals available and business focuses in Australia and New Zealand. With our years of expertise and experience, we have an approach to more than 100,000 top notch clinical items, typhoid vaccination, and stock most notable, applauded, experienced and trustworthy brands in the market for the said product range. We are focused on giving the best customer service experience to our loyal customers no matter how you look at it. We have customers from vast fields of work such as podiatrists, clinical focuses, day medical procedure, emergency clinics, dental specialists and many more. We have established ourselves a trusted supplier of medical equipment all over Australia. 


In the times of severe spread of diseases like typhoid, flue and now the novel coronavirus, human body is in high level of danger in terms of being faced by such deadly diseases and become a victim of these diseases. The human body is designed to take care of most of the diseases on its own through its immune system. When a virus or a disease enters the body, it starts to replicate itself and become increases in numbers exponentially. They start to damage the system and the bodies that govern the system and keeps it on the right track. When the virus of disease enters the body, the immune system starts considering it as an intruder that has entered the system to make the balance of the system disturbed. As the result of the virus and diseases entering the system, the immune system retaliates and produces anti-bodies to protect the system from defoliating. The antibodies are programmed to work against the viruses and break them down into non-reactive units in order to seize their functionality. The antibodies are not programmed to work over night and make you fresh all over again. They take their time and work slow but steadily. They may not work exceptionally quick or fast, but they do make sure the system is free of all sorts of viruses that make it lag and makes you tired and fatigued. The anti-bodies present in the human body as also designed to take responsibility of making the body immune to further attack from similar or same disease in future. The antibodies once injected in the body, remain in the immune system, and makes it susceptible to defend against all sorts of germs that may try to enter into the body. These anti-bodies remain inactive during the normal days when the body is not under attack of diseases and viruses. These however become active and come into action once all the diseases from the outside start to enter the body. Many of the times, the body does not give any signal even if a disease has entered the body because the antibodies silently work against these diseases and make sure the body is in complete hold of the system. In order to keep a track on the sustenance of the human body system. Team Medical Supplies are particularly known for their vivaxim vaccination.  

Our supplies and vaccines at Team Medical Supplies are trusted for quality and significance for human health. As the product is highly sensitive and we cannot take any risk in realising the importance, significance and sustenance of the product we provide to our loyal customers. Contact us today for quotation. We have a variety of different types of vaccines available in our store that will help you serve the purpose and make you understand the need of keeping the human body healthy and in good working condition. Even though the human body is designed to fight against the intruding viruses on its own, the system sometimes need an external assistance in order to function better and become a perfect system where the health of the recipient in not compromised on no matter why type of viruses attack it. 

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