You don’t have to be a world-class gardener to have an incredible garden. Gardens are so important when it comes to making good impressions as they are generally the first things that visitors see when they arrive at your house and if you are entertaining with a barbeque or on a hot day your guests will tend to spend a lot of time outside. But how do you create a green space that is comfortable and homely without having to spend your entire weekend mowing lawns and trimming edges. It is actually much easier than people realise – here are a few tips to put you on the right path. 

Plan properly 

View your garden as a project and plan it accordingly. It doesn’t need to come together all at once but it is important to know what you are working towards. In this regard it might be a good idea to speak to somebody who specializes in garden design Adelaide has enough such experts for you to be able to find somebody who fits your budget. The truth is, starting with an expert and spending a little bit of extra cash in the planning stage will save you huge amounts of money further down the line. 

Time it properly 

Creating an incredible garden is all about the timing. Planting at the right time and slotting the development of the garden in with the development of the rest of the house. In other words if you are doing home renovations Adelaide you are better off completing these first before moving onto the garden, you need to improve your house from the inside out, and if that is not possible then you need to ensure that when you do go to work on the interior that your plan has allowed for that so that the garden is trampled to pieces by the builders. 

Think local 

Gardens that are planted with local indigenous plants will do better and require less maintenance than those that are planted with traditional English garden plants. They will also require less watering and pruning and replanting. It should go without saying but sadly lots of people have stereotypical ideas in their minds about what a garden should look like and these are generally old-school English country garden ideas which work well in England where it rains all the time, but not so well in the harsher and hotter climate of Australia. Go make it your own – local plants are designed to survive in the local climate and they will attract local birds and animals.  

Have a feature 

Plants can be stunning and you should absolutely be thinking about having some statement plants or trees in the mix, but complement them with a feature or a landscaping intervention. Things like water features or vertical gardens or a deck are all ideas to break things up and create something a little different. Other ideas that work and which perhaps play into the social side of things would be a barbeque area, a secluded bench or a fire-pit. In short, as much as you want lush plants and greenery, you also want an accessible and easy to enjoy outside area that calls people to it.       



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