Getting away for a bit of rest and recuperation is always great, but all of that rejuvenation can be undone if you come home to find your house has been burgled. We never want this to happen to us and it’s not a fun thing to think about. but there are a few ways you can help protect your home while you are away.  

Be secure 

Make sure your security system is working by checking your batteries sensors and connectivity to your service provider. Make sure to let your alarm company know when you test your alarm system. You can also let them know when you are going away and ask them to increase Patrols in your area. If you don’t have an alarm system there are many great options available to you with alarm systems Melbourne and in Sydney Canberra and Brisbane. Be sure to shop around and get a few different quotes it is a very competitive market and most companies will do their best to give you a good price.   

Be neighbourly 

It’s a good idea to get to know your neighbours and foster a sense of community. When we know and trust our neighbours we have a support system in place where they can help you take care of your home when you are not there. If you have neighbours that you know and trust ask them to check in from time to time while you are away. They can collect post and clear away accumulated junk mail as these are clear indications two potential Intruders that you are not there. Should you feel as if you are imposing, offer to do the same for them when they go away.   

Pet safety 

If you aren’t taking your pets with you on holiday get a friend or family member to house sit. Should no one be available there also trustworthy professional house sitting agencies in most major cities. House sitters are not just good for pets, they also act as a deterrent to intruders as someone is clearly home. They can also take care of your plants and garden while you are away. Should you prefer not to have a house sitter you can also book your pets into a pet hotel for the time that you are on holiday where they will be taken good care of and you know that they are trained professionals at hand if they need anything.  

Spare keys 

Before you leave, give a trusted family member or neighbour your itinerary, including the names, addresses and contact numbers of places you’ll be staying. Your mobile phone might not always work and they should have an alternative way of getting hold of you. Make sure a family member or neighbour also has a spare set of keys so that they can get into your house in case there is any kind of emergency, such as your water cylinder bursting. They will also be able to take necessary precautions should bad weather strike.  


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