Home extensions are the most efficient and effective way of increasing space in one’s home without physically moving to a different domicile. There are a number of advantages to extending your home instead of moving, such as the ability to stay in the same neighborhoods and children being able to attend the same schools. There are no agent fees, or stamp duties, and a commendable extension might be installed for the same amount of expenditure, not to mention the price of the house itself that must be paid as well when moving. It is more efficient and economical than self-building, but there are a certain amount of considerations that must be contemplated before an extension is installed. 

Extension Factors 

The first and foremost factors that must be considered are undoubtedly the costs; there is more personalization possible than is probably apparent, each choice of which differs in the amount of expenditure required. For example, should an extension be one floor or two? What should be the nature of the second floor if it is two? There are also other points that to be examined before making a final decision on an extension, such as the changes in parking space and vehicle access, surrounding flora, the nature of the foundation soil and access of building materials to the extension site. It would also be beneficial to check whether all needed services are convenient and available in the vicinity or the accessibility of contractors who can provide all that is needed themselves. 

Extension Costs 

Home extensions Adelaide aren’t all equal, with the quality of the project affecting the final price as much as the type of extension needed. Factors such as glazing and quality of the foundation have a major impact on costs, as well as the purpose of the extension, but there are a few constants and averages that have been found over 2017 that can help in estimating just how much an extension will cost. For instance, a basic quality single floor extension would set you back about $1,500 to $2,400 per square meter, while a good quality one would cost anywhere between $2,400 to $2,800 for the same area, and top of the line extensions can even go up to $3,100. This does not mean that a double story extension is double the price however, as only extra walls and floor joists are needed; the foundations and the roof are necessary either way. 

Extension Design 

There are a number of choices when choosing a design for an extension: one can choose to make their own design, while consulting structural engineers to help them with the details. Alternatively, an organization that specializes on design jobs can be used, who can provide the entire plans themselves. It is often more advantageous to use Creative Home Renovations as their professional expertise would undoubtedly help in observing the existing layout of the home and making the best decisions in terms of what would work best in that context. Professional architects can even be hired, although most would refer you to what is known as an architectural technologist if the project is too small to adequately utilize their proficiency. 

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