Australians enjoy some of the lowest rates for electricity in the world. But if your household uses a lot of electricity, then the costs can really go up. Naturally, most of us prefer to spend less on electricity without having to reduce usage. Therefore, here are several effective ways your home can save up on electricity costs: 

Switch to Photovoltaic Power 

You don’t have to pay for electricity when you can generate it for free. Call up a local company about solar panels Perth, and your home can start generating its own photovoltaic power. You can install the PV cells on top of roofs or in the yard. About four or five can generate a large amount of electricity needed per month. You only have to spend money on the equipment and they will last for years, saving you tens and thousands dollars spent on the grid.  

Use Energy Start Rated Appliances 

Inarguably, home appliances consume a lot of energy. You can cut back on these costs by buying new, Energy Star rated appliances. The rating indicates how efficiently an appliance consumes electivity, so waste and overconsumption is minimal or nonexistent. Most newly released appliances have high Energy Star ratings. So if you are still using an old, outdated fridge, it’s time to switch to a more environmentally friendly product.  

Use Smart Bulbs 

Occasionally, we forget to switch off power for certain items always in use. Did you leave the porch light on all night, again? You are wasting lots of electricity and literally throwing away money. It can be difficult to change some bad habits. But you can use gadgets to eliminate this waste. The so-called “smart” bulbs are a great solution. If you forget to turn off a smart bulb, you can log into a mobile app to turn on or turn off a light. It’s a great solution for those absentminded people who simply can never remember to turn off the lights.  

Insulate in Winter 

If most of the energy goes toward heating in colder areas, then insulation would save you a lot of money. You can insulate walls and more importantly, the roof to save up on energy costs during the colder months. Some homes may already have insulation installed. In case, check it. Old insulation could be damaged and you won’t be saving any money with that.  

Don’t Leave the Air Conditioning on All Day 

Learn to turn off that HVAC system to prevent electricity waste. If you want a room to be cold or hot, turn off the AC when the room does get colder or hotter. The temperature will be retained if the doors and windows are all closed. When you want more cold or heat, then you can turn on the air conditioner again. Either learn to get up and turn it off manually, or use the timer in the HVAC system to enable auto turn off. The same goes for fans if you still use them. Buy fans with timers to avoid electric waste.  

Use Cold Water in the Washing Machine 

You don’t need to use hot water in the washing machine all the time. Most fabrics wash perfectly well in cold water. You can save more than a $100 per month by using cold water to wash clothes.  

Use the above tips to save hundreds of dollars on electricity used at home. Some of the good habits would protect the environment and make your home more environmentally friendly as well.  


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