Different formats of comics 

Comics are the visual graphics that are often combined with texts to convey the idea. They contain images in a sequence with little or no text to define the plot of sequence. Captions, narrations, speeches and other 1-2 liner sentences are used to convey the general idea of the images. Originally the comics only came in the form of small booklets with graphics. However, with the rising demand, they have been produced in other forms such as comic strips and gag cartoons. Some popular formats are;  

Comic strips 

Comic strips contain a series of images and graphics arranged on a panel to convey light humour. The pictures might include some narrations in small clouds or balloons. They are published in the newspapers and magazines in horizontal strips. The length of the strip varies from cartoon to cartoon.  

Periodical Comics 

These are thin booklets containing pictures and some text. They may be available separately or included in magazines.  

Book-length comics 

As the name states, these are detailed comics that are of the size of a book. They are printed in coloured copies of the A4 size paper. They are often referred to as ‘graphic novel’ due to the detailed graphics.  

Gag cartoons 

Gag cartoons are published in single panel. This is why they are also called ‘single-panel cartoons’. They usually contain drawings with a caption describing the scene. They might also feature some dialogues. They are mostly featured in newspapers and different magazines.  


Web-comics are the most advanced form of comics. They are limited by any restriction of size of paper or graphics. They are available online and readers can access them from across the world.  

Benefits of Comics 

Comics are not only a source of entertainment, but also a source of betterment. Children who happen to have been reading comics show certain improved qualities than those who don’t. Following are some of the key benefits of comics. 

Reading habit 

As we grow older, we realise the importance of reading. Not everybody loves reading, especially children. However, the comics can play a part in motivating children to start reading from an early age. This makes them avid reader by the time they grow up. Intriguing graphics combined with reading material are a great way to make your child start reading from an early age. Reading online comics is a lot productive option than watching videos or playing games.

Help students with difficulty 

Kids who lack confidence in reading due to lack of fluency, can easily develop confidence through reading comics. Since comics focus more on graphics and the reading material is only used to aid in conveying the concept, the lines are fairly easy to read and so, can be a great means of practice reading, especially children who’re not good at reading.

  1. Increase vocabulary
  2. Reading online comics from an early age will help your child build a bank of words from an early age. This will effectively result in a vast vocabulary of the child.

Why go for digital?  

Compared to the regular comics, online comics are a far better choice since it is a lot easier to grab online comics than to fetch the hard copies. The internet has made it terrifically easy to go through large collections of novel and choose the one you like. It saves you from the trouble of going to the shop or sorting out through the collections before you find the one you like. Moreover, it is also easier to save your collection if you’re reading the comics online Australia. You do not need a rack to put your comics into. All you need is a device that can store hundreds of comics.

Where to get the comics from? 

Due to the rising demand of online comics, there are different websites from where you can download the comics that spark your interest. This also allows you to get your hands on those editions that might not be available in Australia. Online comics are a great way to increase your collection from comics across the world. Lastly, when you’re done reading, you don’t need to store or throw the comics. All you need is to click a button and simply delete.

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