We just heard a collective gasp of horror. Offline? What sorcery has befallen us? What is this forbidden word you speak of? Well, we apologize. We know this word is just often spoken but offline is not something that is on a day-to-day basis anymore is it? In fact, we are more online than anything else. Which means that naturally, everything we do now is largely digital, both in our personal and professional lives. In businesses particularly, the internet is possibly the centre of everything, which is not very healthy. So why not test your chops in the offline world for a while? Consider it a challenge. Here are a few things to remember.  

Brainstorm Conventional Methods 

So think chalk drawings on sidewalks, intriguing messages taped up or put up around the city, anything like that, or better of course. The aim is to come up with ways of grabbing people’s attention without their devices. How can you make an impression? An impact big enough to trump anything else they have come across? Many may say this is easier said than done, but we say it is quite possible. Why not do the old-fashioned brainstorm session, and see what you come up with. Phantom of the Opera flash mob? Why not? Treasure hunt with Albury Enviro Bags for instance? Go right ahead.  

Tap the Media 

It is true that they do not want to carry every little thing that goes on because it just takes up the room they have for the bigger stories. But you should not hesitate to tap the media. You need to mobilize yourself and contact local newspapers, television and radio stations. Put the word out there. This is how people did things back in the day. And though this is now secondary, it is still very much out there. So go, take advantage of it. A really creative campaign would catch their attention too, mainly because everyone else is going to be so engrossed online.  


On that note, you can also tie up for giveaways with these local channels, both on television and radio. For instance, you could line up a set of personalized calico drawstring bags via a competition for the winners chosen. Maybe the first 10 get them personalized, and another 10 get them with just the brand and logo. You need to create hype about these things; otherwise, people just do not bother getting on-board. Besides, since everybody loves anything free, you will have no problem giving them away either. So imagine the publicity you would gain if you did put in some effort and went the extra mile.  


Attend events of similar industries and get the word out about your business. You want to network and create a contact that is how it works. Find out about what events are being hosted around you, and make sure to go. You should also have a quick spiel ready. So if someone asks about your company, you can give them a quick insight without sounding long-winded. Be sure to be proactive and outdo yourself out there. If you feel shy, do not be. You want your company to grow and prosper, so take risks and take chances. You will only grow that way so try to be a step ahead of others.  

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