It is very important to take great care of the security measures in Australia especially if you are a resident of Melbourne. Gone are the days when you would have to reach the destination or home: get out of the car, unlock the door and go in. Now is the time of automatic sliding gates in Melbourne, considering its various benefits and security mechanisms. It is a top priority to keep your house properly fenced and secured while in Australia, and for this matter, your main entrance gate and the surrounding fence carry a critical consideration. Therefore, due attention should be given to the automation and security of these two things in particular.   

There could be different types of gates available in the market such as sliding, swinging, and cantilever, to name a few. It depends on the type of property where they will be installed to decide which gate is the right one for you. Generally, the aesthetic appeal of a gate is also considered while making a purchase decision, depending upon the preferences of Australians buyers.  

Gates could be automatic or manual; however, as we are moving fast into the age of automation, it is hence better to opt out for automatic sliding gates in Australia due to the following benefits over manual ones: 


Automated gates open and close on their own, therefore, you do not have to get out of the car to do the job especially when it is raining or late at night. Similar is the case of being mindful of closing the door. So there’s an added convenience with this automation.  

Securer Options 

Automated gates tend to be a more secure option as they have their own set of automatic locking mechanisms and integration of locking beams to keep it safe. Similarly, there would be lower risk for you to being mugged on your way to manually open the door. 


Having an automatic sliding gate in Melbourne house also provide you with more parking space or free area, which you can utilise as per your will. As the gates are not swinging inside or outside to keep a measure of the occupied space hence, sliding gates gives you the edge over other alternatives. 

You can read more about the ease and convenience that these gates add to our routines conveniently, here 

More Functional 

Sliding gates have a very viable commercial usage especially at those industrial properties that have wide openings, similarly, at driveways with upward slopes. In such circumstances, in particular, having automated sliding gates are certainly a more feasible option upon those manual ones.   


In Australia, automated sliding driveway gates are prepared by using precision technology. Therefore, they are less prone to error, more secure, durable and can withstand rough signature Melbourne weather condition with an ease.  


Sliding gates is a kind of latest technology that has a great room for customisation. You can choose its size, material being used, finishing, style, security mechanism and many other things. Also, these add a great look and value on the facade of your property; eventually, resulting into increasing its face-value.  

There would have been many providers of automatic sliding gates Melbourne but when it comes to customisation and on having a guided say from start till the end of the process then JND Timber and Steel is a good option for the residents.

No Unauthorised Entry 

The automated sliding gate also keeps people or other living entities or vehicles from trespassing and entering your property. Hence, you do not have to be watchful all the time to stop or block any kind of further unauthorised access to your property.    

Once you have decided to prefer automated gate option over the manual ones, the next step of the process is finding the right service provider and manufacturer for it which is not a piece of cake especially when you are residing in Melbourne. Therefore, you will have to do your local research homework before giving the job to any vendor or company. As this is about the ease, security and aesthetic of your valuable property and therefore, should not be attended with ease and carefree attitude.

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