The concrete flooring is quite a popular choice especially when it comes to indoor industrial flooring in Australia. Reason being, it looks neat and clean, fashionable and durable at the same time but over the passage of time you could see the patches of dirt or grime start accumulating on its surface; which alters the overall appearance of the floor to being very unattractive.

Similarly, if you intend to do marking on the floor for safety, enlightening or support purpose even then concrete flooring needs to go through a rigorous process of cleaning to be able to be ready for the process at hand.

The Kenex in Australia has been providing top-notch services in this regard when it comes to marking, sweeping, scrubbing, concrete cleaning and sealing across Sydney and Brisbane. As many vendors are available in the market for the same purpose but what makes Kenex differentiates from others is the tight and transparent control over its quality of product and service being offered.

Concrete is a very different material to deal with in terms of cleaning and maintaining, considering this, below are given a few tips to help you facelift the concrete floor in an easier way:

Investigate The Floor

The first thing you need to do is to supervise the industrial concrete cleaning Sydney process yourself by checking the condition of it. If you see any open cracks or if the floor is peeling and leaving the substrate then you need to re-coat it by removing the top coat of the floor instead of opting for a standard cleaning process would suffice.

Re-coating By Buffing

If the industrial floor requires re coating then it is ideal to do it by grinding it via machines having an aggressive sand head and a medium grit one. One would help you in the sanding process while the other one will be useful in removing the outer shine and gloss of the floor, also known as buffing. Both these processes are mandatory for removing the top coating of the old industrial concrete floor in Australia.

Cleaning of Decorative Concrete Flooring

There are generally two types of concrete flooring, one of them is a decorative one which is usually applied indoors and looks aesthetically more sound. To clean such type of concrete flooring you need to follow a complete cleaning regime, such as:

  1. Swipe off the floor by using a broom and a dust mop so all kind of debris, big or small, could be removed from the surface before starting off with the real cleaning process
  2. Apply warm water mixed with mild detergent to clean the floor in a better way. Note that, strong detergent could destroy the outer shine and gloss of the floor
  3. Start mopping the floor section by section and then by rinsing it through the warm water. Afterward, let the floor dry naturally to retain its neat and clean look
  4. To maintain the polished look of the industrial concrete flooring in Sydney it is ideal to get it rebuffed occasionally while you should also go for re coating or resealing after a few years

Cleaning of Standard Concrete Flooring

The exterior industrial flooring in Australia is usually of standard concrete. It turns out to be more durable than the decorative indoor version of it and hence, lasts longer. To clean up such floors, you need to follow the given routine:

  1. Swipe up the dirt and debris by mopping it off
  2. Use a high-pressure water hose to do the cleaning trick for you, start from the sides, then to the rear and bottom part and lastly to the front. Be vigilant about any cracks or crevasses on the floor which have accumulated extra piles of dirt
  3. For extra cleaning, you can scrub the floor by using a suitable concrete specific cleaner with a broom or a mop

Choose The Coating Substance

If you realize the industrial concrete cleaning Sydney look cannot be achieved without recoating the floor then after buffing and sanding of it, you should then choose the coating material and its prerequisites i.e. if you are using epoxy based coating then you need to apply its primer to the uncoated concrete floor. Urethane topcoat can also be applied in case of an old floor, it works excellently for epoxy based floors and protects them from wear and tear.

A good consultation session always works wonders in this regard and Kenex can do the job for you to serve the purpose at hand as they have a team of expert with a right knowledge and technical hand to provide quality concrete cleaning and marking facilities across Australia.

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