Containers used for shipping provides a best solution for storage, projects of conversion, cargo, freight and other variety of needs as they are secure, long lasting, wind proofed and watertight. The shipping containers are usually cheap in cost and good in retaining their Value. The intermodal of ISO for shipping container is made up of a box of reinforced steel that gives a long list of uses. The containers can be shipped generally as they are economically cheaper; they are financially affordable providing solutions for both long as well as short term. 

The containers for Shipping are only the equivalent; they come in four typical grades: 

New (One trippers) 

These are fundamentally new containers that are sent abroad from the production’s manufacturing plant and for local ports. 

Certified (Cargo Worthy) Containers 

Certified (Cargo Worthy) are utilized for shipping products abroad on shipping lines. They are utilized in fine condition.  

Wind and Watertight (WWT) these are the containers used in best conditions are containers that may have the doors and serious rust don’t 100% seal or pin holes in the metal of containers. Usually people buy a new one or use an older one. 

New 40ft High-Cube Container Features 

CONTAINER CO is offering 40 ft high cube shipping container for sale for shipping available in size of 40 feet longer known as “one trip”. These containers are nine feet and six inches in height which is different from usual containers as they are eight feet and six inch in height, the new one trip container is eight feet in width and having length of forty feet. These containers are believed to be extra space containers as they provide additional storage than usual. Units of high cube provide an internal storage up to eight feet and ten inches. 

The offered 40 ft high cube shipping container for sale are made up of high quality designed with Corten steel that can stand to the harsh conditions of sea. This is why ‘one trip’ is used to describe these new containers. 

The floors of these containers are made up of hardwood in 27 mm. Usually the external is painted in colors like blue and green. These containers require certification of CSC in case the owner is willing for overseas shipping, the certificates are required from the date of manufacture to next five years. The manufacturing date of container is engraved on the double doors of the container which needs to be updated after five years as per certification of CSC. The containers of high cube unit are similar to the standard containers just they differ in size of one inch as they are made for additional space. 

Security of High cube containers 

There is lock box in the container made up welded steel on the doors that help to enclose the padlock making the container less tampering, the padlock for high security and Painting.  

Delivery of high cube containers for shipping 

The 40 ft high cube shipping container for sale are delivered on the HIAB vehicle, the assistant drops the containers on the place of delivery and lift it on the ground where it is required. In case the clients require additional information regarding the process of delivery, a tab of delivery process is provided on the page of shipping delivery, please check the website. Pass codes of delivery are required by the company to process the procedure of enquiry form that is provided on the website. 

Generally, the CONTAINER CO company is providing immediate delivery for the new stocks for cube shipping containers all over Australia. The clients are required to fill the forms of enquiry that are given on the website for delivering and quotations. We suggest our clients to try our 40ft standard container as it has received best reviews form our clients and are highly popular among the clients. The clients can buy new shipping container or rent the containers now. 

Standard 40 ft Container 

One of the bestselling and popular containers of our company is the 40ft standard container. The container is designed with a Floor made up of Robust wooden approved from CSC certifications. These containers are ready for intermodal structures. We recommend our clients to use the standard 40ft container as it is best storing goods and for shipping goods. These Containers are made up of the standard of ISO. Check the specifications and features of our 40ft standard container on the website for more information. 

Any of our new or utilized containers can be fitted with a scope of standard delivery container including electrics and racking, or for a total change by our in-house container transformation group please send an online enquiry. Please peruse the site for additional data, buy new shipping container through web, telephone or email for additional data. 

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