Aussies are very touchy about the place where they cook and eat, that is the kitchen. This is the main reason why whenever it comes to the remodeling of one’s kitchen in Australia then you would get to know the most discussions about the subject matter as compared to other parts of the house, starting from the how’s, what’s and when’s of it.

Redesigning one’s kitchen is not an easy task it requires a lot of consideration and research even for the professional interior designers. Considering this, Space Design has mustered up a list of few handy tips which would help you in the remodelling of your kitchen from the very beginning, such as:

Know the Usage 

The first step for the kitchen designers Melbourne while redesigning a kitchen is to ask the cook of the house about how do they want to use the kitchen? Do they need the gas stove or an electric one? Do they need ventilation or not? Do they need knives to stand on the left or right? Do they need high-end appliances or not? Do they bake a lot or want to keep the equipment near to the stove location or not? To name a few. So whenever you decide about renovating your kitchen in Australia just think about all the annoyances that your current kitchen give to you and due to what you want to redesign it. This way, you will get to know about your usage requirements. It is very important to be clear about your expected needs in the new kitchen so you could be in a better position to plan accordingly.

Follow the Current Layout If Can 

A very handy tip is to follow the same layout of your kitchen when it comes to plumbing, appliances, and cabinetry if you want to save money while simultaneously, intend to go creative on other things. Reason being, every time you would decide to move a plumbing location or fixed cabinetry in Australia, you should add $5000 in your estimated budget as a general rule of thumb. Because changing such things are costly and hence, the main reason why most of the kitchen designers in Australia recommends going with the same layout.

Follow the Contrasting Theme 

Another inexpensive tip to reinvigorate the look of your kitchen is to go with the contrasting colour scheme in your kitchen to give it more depth aesthetically and to be easy at finding things in your kitchen. Considering this, you can go for one neutral colour and one bold colour or one with warm while other with the cool colour to add a lively richness to the kitchen. You can also consult with your Kitchen designer in Melbourne about the colour or shade scheme by considering the overall theme of the house in order to come up with something complementing.

Back Splash Tile 

If your stove wall is 8 feet tall then it is better to take the look of back splash tile to the ceiling instead of half of it to give it a more polished and dramatic look. This works for so many kitchen redesigns in Australia especially when you are low on budget and want to change the look of your kitchen majorly.

Function Vs. Aesthetics 

We often are confused over the question if we want to go for the kitchen redesign in Melbourne or not. To answer this, ask yourself if your current issue is with the function of the kitchen or its aesthetics. If it is with the function then you will have to go with the kitchen designers Melbourne to undergo a revamp while in the latter case, just swipe off few things with others such as wall art, organic touches and cabinetry in your kitchen to changes its look without spending anything hefty. Cabinetry often plays a very critical and impact role at changing the whole look, Space Design with its team of experts can help you in this regard to pull off the whole kitchen transition with finesse whilst focusing on the cabinetry aspect of it alone.

Anyone who is considering to go through the kitchen redesign should adhere by the above-given tips to make the most out of their space while staying sane about the budget at hand. It is though always good to consult with the kitchen designers before drafting out anything yourself to have an expert opinion and perspective about the way things would fall into place. This always works!

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