Nothing is as attractive as a beautiful smile, but if you have discoloured teeth or have stains due to high consumption of tea, coffee, or sugary beverages than it does not only shatter a person’s confidence but gives a negative impact overall. Whether you have an emergency dentist appointment for a bad pain in your gums or you are visiting him for only regular scaling and polishing session, you may often have to visit dentist multiple times a year as your oral health is extremely important do not compromise it at any cost and always go to a professional when it comes to taking care of your gums and teeth. Emergency dentist is not different from a normal dentist the only distinguished aspect is as obvious by the name itself, he or she is readily available at any time for an emergency treatment of a cracked or broken tooth, extraction of a loosened tooth, unbearable pain, and filling of a knocked-out tooth.  

There are a variety of different dental issues for which you will be needing an emergency dentist in Melbourne throughout the year so better be in contact with one. The most important benefit of having a dentist in the loop is you will not have to take an appointment first to get treated. They are readily available 24 hours a week. There are few things to be kept in mind while seeking emergency dentistry services on hand. 

Dental service payments 

As the emergency dental service is readily available at any time you seek it, it is a bit expensive than a regular dentist visit. You can always ask for a payment plan if an emergency occurs this way paying an emergency dentist would be easier. Contact your insurance provider whether emergency procedures are covered or not. 

Where to find an emergency dentist 

It may seem like a challenge to find an emergency dentist when you need him badly but that is not the case every time, just check the website where you got your dental insurance, they have a list of emergency doctors and where to find them in your network. There is another possibility that your regular dentist may provide emergency services as well, if not than at least he or she may refer you to an emergency dentist. Also, there are multiple online portals that will lead you to skilled and experienced emergency dentists in your area and network. 

Common emergencies  

Cracked or Chipped tooth 

Not every dental problem is a dental emergency and deciding what is considered to be one is a bit tricky especially when it comes to have a chipped or crooked tooth. Normally a chipped tooth is not painful and does not included in dental emergency but if the tooth bone is fractured or cracked then it shows a serious problem and is extremely painful if not treated immediately for that matter your dentist will have to take an x-ray to find out the real problem. There are some home remedies you can do to ease the pain while you get an appointment or search for an emergency service for your teeth, just rinse the mouth few times with lukewarm water, apply ice to the swelled area, you may have to take a pain killer in some acute cases, but it is better to avoid it. Your dentist in Prahran may extract the whole tooth and perform a root canal or just put a crown on the empty space. 

Dental Abscess 

Dental Abscess are a serious dental emergency that needs to be treated as soon as possible, an abscess is a boil or inflammation formed on outside of the tooth due to pus forming inside, it is a rather life-threatening condition which has adverse effects leading to fever, swollen face, swollen gums, and trouble eating and drinking. This problem is treated with extraction of the puss through drilling of the tooth and then sealing it back with a filling or fixing a crown on top. 

Dental care and hygiene are one of the basic parts of life and one should not be negligent of that. If you have a healthy tooth and gums it will not only brighten up your smile but also boost your moral and confidence and nothing is more attractive than that.  

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