What have you got to lose? Do you really think the police are the best option you have to keep your stock safe and sound? Criminals these days are one step ahead of security system developers and the local police’s patrol schedule. In addition to this, they have also become much bolder. Usually a well lit driveway and the sight of surveillance cameras used to scare these criminals but now, they seem to find a way around it. Your solution lies in private security firms. The problem with surveillance cameras is that there isn’t any one there to monitor them, so criminals easily slip past them without even tripping your burglary alarm but with a private security firm, you can relax back and not worry about your property being burglarized. These private security firms also offer manned guarding services which is much more effective as the physical presence of highly trained guards will make sure no one comes near your property and all possible entry points are locked. These remote surveillance and manned guarding services offered by such firms give you peace of mind that your property is safe and secure.

Here are six reasons why you should hire private security services:

Providing Well Trained Security Guards 

Professional security guards are better trained and more knowledgeable than your in-house staff regarding security. They know well how to handle the security concerns occurring at your premises. A security guard can respond to the risks, prevent suspects, interview the witnesses, and inspect the area for safety risks and secure victims.

Reduce Your Liability Risk 

You will be solely responsible for every action of your internal security team. Whatever your employees do or don’t do falls on you….and your insurance.   Conversely, private security guards are covered with the liability insurance by their company. It means that the private security company would be responsible for the incidents involving the contracted security guard.  Of meeting your business’s needs security company provides you with a legal defence. In this way, a professional security guard company offers you a total peace of mind.

They Save Your Money and Time Being Wasted on New Staff’s Training 

Hiring a reliable security staff on your own can be a time-consuming process. First of all, you need to advertise, interview and perform background checks on applicants.  After hiring, you have to spend time and money on the training. But that’s not in the case of hiring a professional security company.  The security company takes care of the hiring process and provides you with the security guard that is ready, willing and able to get the job done.

Less Hassle and Inconveniences 

Ever has someone called off sick?  Ever need to replace an employee who resigned?  Anyone who runs a business answers yes to those questions followed by an unhappy look.  Coordinating staff schedules to adjust for sick or resigning employees can be a stressful situation. You avoid the stress and overtime cost associated with HR and attendance issues.

You Get Flexibility 

With the professional security company, you can customise your requirements according to your needs—which may not be possible with your proprietary staff. As the client, you can require the security company to make personnel and schedule changes as you need them.  No need to be concerned about HR implications or labour law limitations.  You ask, and the security company is responsible for getting it done. You have total flexibility.

Private Security It Cost Effective 

Besides paying them salaries, you have to cover the additional costs of your internal security team which includes employee taxes, vacation, benefits, overtime, holiday pay, and annual raises.  When you contact a security guard services company, your cost is based on a fixed hourly rate.  That rate does not change until the contract changes.  As a result, you are protected from unexpected labour related cost increases or overtime cost

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