Description of the Merbau tread 

Merbau is a well-known hardwood mainly acquired from the south east Asian countries as well multiple international lands inclusive of Guinea and the Australian Queensland. The merbau stair treads are generally available throughout the land of Australian markets possess the typical length of 1200mm, Merbau is referred to as the hardwood originating from southern eastern Asia as well as PNG. It is a timber whose chief characteristic is that it wears away in a highly hard fashion and in additionally is naturally resistant to termites as well as fire. The content of the moisture present in it are somewhat just above 10% and boast of the rating relating to its durability as being 1, this is construed as having expectancy of life higher than 20 years if taken care of appropriately. There is a conventional code that refers to the basic code that is looked it in connection with the step treads. Pertaining to the fixing of Merbau stair treads, they should be pre drilled while utilising the coach screws pertaining to the secret fixing, the nosing with regard to timber could be installed at the bottom frontal edge relating to the treads so as to cause reduction in the interval in between the treads. 


Tread accessories 

It is greatly recommended that a penetrating oil be placed on all of the surfaces before their placement is undertaken. Following this, a pair of oil coats is required to be applied as well of the similar quality. Merbau treads quite suffice for your needs both concerning the internal and the external arenas of your home or premises, and their style laden appearance coupled with the stringers from companies could render any house cast a spectacular impression. In addition to the treads, you could acquire the relevant fixings, from your vendor as well. These embrace the tool for levelling, concerning Merbau stair footsteps, the bracket related to the tread, rise bracket, as well as the brackets considered as the heavy duty ones. The reputable sellers would be possessing legality certification that is appropriate to the decking. 


Fixation of the tread and riser setup 

The appropriation of the certificate shall also relate to the rails for the hand, plinths, length of timber or the steel utilized for bolstering a portion of the structural frame of a building that is generally placed generally in the fashion of a parallel or series system so as to underpin the whole network of the concerned construction. It would be greatly valuable for you to note that there should be a rise, at the least, ahead of the installation of treads. In case, a couple of risers is placed, then be rest confident that this one scenario that leads to the assurance that the strength and efficiency would be maintained of the overall mechanism. Then most significant element, on Merbau stairway tread, to hold in mind is to fix the riser and the thread in an alternating arrangement or if possible then first the risers should be in place. In order to remind you, the riser is that measurement of a stair that is vertical, whereas the tread forms the horizontally fixed portion.  


Installation of treads 

As concerns the fixation of the merbau riser and the associated threads, the subsequently narrated steps should be undertaken: cutting of the risers, nailing with respect to the risers, trimming of treads and finally the installation work. The risers must be cut one by one and their dimensions be measured, with regard to their lengths and widths specifically. Next, the frame pieces, called the stringers, should be nailed into. Trimming of the threads should commence with those that have a single edge as rounded. Finally, the work of installation be performed to accomplish the set goal of putting in place the merbau stair system. The minimum depth of the thread should be 10 inches, the dual sided carpet tape could be employed for maintaining the treads in their place. 

The least width of the stair treads should be 36 inches, the slippery could be reduced through the use of abrasive strips and the placement of the backing referred to as the non-slip one. In view of its durability and hardiness features, the Merbau stair tread is made use of in a great number of Australian houses. This write up has been designed so as to equip you with such information that supplies you with the basic understanding on the Merbau stair tread so that you feel helped at while in your decision making process.        


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