Designed to get the most of the floor space available, shelves and racking remained high in demand throughout the last year. This trend seems set to continue in the foreseeable future, given the positive word of mouth. That having been said, in this article, we set out to analyze the current market scenario and, hopefully, the reason for it. 

All-Time High 

The demand for racking and shelves was so high the last year that many manufacturers found themselves behind schedule. Quantity, however, isn’t the only thing that has escalated in recent times. The new racking systems stand taller than they ever have. While the industry average was a meager 20 feet in the 1980s, it has risen to close to 50 feet. That having been said, some racks stand 120+ feet tall. These structures are equipped with technology that provides automation in storing and retrieving. The success story goes on to speak volumes. One of those is the use of racking and shelves in Distribution Centers of multi-billion dollar e-commerce giants like Walmart and Amazon.  

Scenes across Melbourne 

Melbourne isn’t far behind as far as racking and shelving are concerned. There are numerous service providers offering longspan racking Melbourne at justifiable costs. You can even get one online! So, what are you waiting for?  

Researching the market Trend 

The market for racking and shelving is higher than it has ever been and there are numerous reasons that account for it. In this section, we look out for a handful of these. 

1) Cheaper Solution 

The real estate and labor rates are on fire. Vertical space, on the other hand, comes in free. Racks and shelves utilize vertical space, making the most efficient use of limited space available. While they aren’t inexpensive themselves, they still save the user a handsome sum of money. With companies looking to maximize profits, racks and shelves go a long way in minimalizing real-estate expenses. 

2) Safety 

Worker safety is more sought for now than it has ever been. Companies are looking for efficient ways for storage that keep in line with user safety. In that regards, the racks being used are safer than they have ever been. Even structures standing 120+ feet tall haven’t had many a misfortunate incident reported. That having been said, racks and shelves provide that efficient means of storage bare of the risk. 

3) Organizational Ability 

With racks in there, some sort of arrangement is guaranteed. Racks and shelves offer companies to organize their inventory and to reduce clutter. This comes in handy, especially LIFO or FIFO methods are used. Plus, if a company is dealing in multiple products, racks can be used for sorting. 

4) Simple to Install 

Racks and Shelves come out as ‘plug and play’. Some of these come without bolts and nuts, hence making them really easy to install. Add that to the convenience and the cost-effective storage the racks and shelves offer, and you have your reasons. 

Are there any Drawbacks of Racks and Shelves? 

Not particularly! One minor drawback is that you need a large enough entrance for the shelves and racks to go through. That can be countered, though, for you can get one customized as per your needs. Secondly, racks are of particularly no need to many small scale industries. They are designed for warehouses of moderate or large scale enterprises. Racks and shelves are known to be cost effective but the automation costs don’t do justice to the claim. Most importantly though, racks and shelves can’t match up with real estate. While the latter is way more expensive, it doesn’t depreciate. Until you are renting land for warehouses, racks and shelves are no good. 

Last Verdict – Conclusion: 

Should I get racks and shelves for my warehouse? As far as the recent market trend is anything to go by, this is a no-brainer. Order one as soon as possible to avoid delays later. Yes, this year’s market too seems set to register higher highs already. You better consider the feasibility before reaching a decision because as cost effective as they are, they would cost you quite a few bucks. 

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