Kitchen is the most trafficked area of the home. We go there to get better, sit and cook and to feel pleasant. This area of your home must look good and we should prioritised its renovation. There are thousands more designs for your custom kitchens. A lot more designs are available and you can go for any style that is of your choice. You are not always pro in designing your custom kitchens and mostly you are in dire need of the help of some authentic company that can do wonders and make these kitchens best for you . Hawkes Bury Kitchens is the company that is serving the purpose. We have been in this field for quite a long time. With the years of experience and beholding an efficient team, we offer supreme custom kitchens in Kellyville to the clients. Let’s have a look how we are able to serve you. 

About the Kitchen Facilities and Services 

As aforementioned, kitchens are the prestige part and trafficked area, a place that helps to gather your home members together and where you sit and relax. Every home has a completely different interior and your kitchen must look in coherence with it. Your home might be old and aesthetic thus your custom kitchens should be in coherence. If you have no idea how you can customise the kitchens, come to us and let the team help you.  


We behold a team of dedicated architects and designers who play vital role to transform your ordinary and regular kitchens into custom kitchens. These kitchens have a theme, a colour scheme, and all the used appliances are in accordance to your plans. Our dedicated team is at your service. The professional team that has breadth knowledge and experience is here to refine your ideas. When you come to us and talk about your specific designs, it is our duty to make them best for you. We go through the designs and help you to get best possible custom kitchens. The world trends and kitchen appliances needs are changing constantly, thus, your custom kitchens need a constant renovation. Our team knows how and what to do for you. 

Stone Benchtops 

Benchtops are the central part of your kitchen. They help to get things done on us. These benchtops varies from kitchen to kitchen and everyone has their choices and preferences. Thys, the stone benchtops are offered by us. These have variable parts. Some are of marble, and neat other may have edges and a little rough. The stone of these stone benchtops are not corrosive and lasting. These are designed in a way to get best UN your kitchen. These stone benches are designed according to your custom kitchens. From solid, place and basic colours to the designed, dim and autumn schemes colours are here. You can go of either design whatever suits your demand. These stone benchtops are exactly what are you looking for. We guarantee to offer you the best possible designs. You can avail the chance of grabbing the best stone benchtops based in Penrith that will save your kitchen from dump and moisture while offering you the best working place.  


When you come to us, we firstly pay a head to your demands and needs. After listening to you it becomes easy for us to understand your demands. After knowing your particular demands we try to offer our ideas. The ending is always best as an amalgam of collective ideas. We assure you the best looking custom kitchens that are a proof of your elite taste. The quote will vary from design to design and even if you are finding for any solution. Go through the ideas. You can check for other kitchen item and accessories from our website. Our stone benchtops are the best. With the minimal prices and least hectic routine, we offer you the best.  

Why to give here and there, come to this place and let us serve what are you looking for. Contact the team and let it help you. We are assure about our services. Years of construction team experience, now we are introducing the top class designs with the availability of consultancy. Consult and construct the elite custom kitchens. 

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