In the previous days this course was termed as the first aid course in Perth, mental health awareness course in Australia of the senior category. This course has been designed to provide you with the fundamental skills as well as the knowledge that is deemed to be required to extend the first aid response, support for life, the management in connection with the casualty in addition to the incident as well as the rest of the first aiders. You should keep in mind the reality that such a first aid assistance is meant to be forwarded as a measure of immediate response to an accident and would be anticipated to be given till the profound medical help arrives, be the situation involves home or within the community. It should be well within your grasp that it would be the basic requirement for passing this course that you undergo practical training at the facet of CPR on a man who would be lying on the floor. In the process of applying the first aid knowledge you should keep in mind that there is the concept of 3Cs, comprising the check on the surroundings, calling for help and caring for the affected. 

The three Cs 

 The aforementioned, in connection with the emergency treatment sequel,  sentience educational program, refers to the fact that you should firstly evaluate the situation to confirm the severity of the circumstances with reference to the surrounding environment and this could refer to a fire, toxic smoke or a building that is unstable or the presence of live wires of electricity, in addition to any hazardous scenario that is conceivable. It is greatly recommended that you make a call for assistance at the least three times prior to providing support to the casualty and bear in mind that to never leave the casualty unattended unless it is demanded inevitably by the circumstances. The care for the person who is in trauma embraces extension of physical in addition to the emotional support and this in turn could include keeping them busy by asking them their personal information and assuring them that the medical help is on its way.  

Response and reaction 

In the scenario the person is not conscious then you better make effort to arouse him by having a talk to him or through tapping on his shoulder, you should not at all be reluctant to speak in a loud manner or shout. In case they are found irresponsive then their breathing should be checked. You could be on the lookout for a rise in the area of chest and may as well try to listen for the air sound produced as the result of the passage of the air and in addition you can feel the air by using the side of your face. But if you find no response, then be prepared to initiate the CPR, that you would be taught regarding how to apply primary assistance procedure, mental cognizance string, roll them onto the back of theirs and render the opening of the airway. Now, to perform the CPR, you should maintain the alignment of the head and neck, it should be noted by you that you may perform the total of 30 compressions in addition to the rescue breaths that should be two in number.  

Thirty compressions within a minute 

Place your hands both of them together right below the imaginary line between the two nipples and go for the compression to the depth of 2 inches at the rate 100 compressions in a minute. Following the compression activity, you must perform two rescue breaths, which is carried out by opening the airways, by closing the nose of the person and completely rendering cover to the mouth hole. Now go for the checking of the vitals and if you find blockage of the breaths then repositioning of the airway be carried out. It should be ascertained that the head of the casualty is a bit tilted towards the back and that the tongue id not acting as an obstruction.  

Airway blockage detection 

This activity of compressing thirty times a minute should be done by you till someone provides relief to you. The fundamentals in connection with the CPR comprise the airway, you would ascertain if the airway has been blocked, breathing, whether the person is performing the breathing act or not, and the circulation, does the casualty display the feeling of pulse at the prime pulse points that include the wrist, carotid artery and the groin.  

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