Do you know how much money you can save each month by switching to clean energy? Australia’s renewable energy sector is on the rise. Clean energy is no longer obscure government policy; it is something that is coming straight to your home. You can save possibly hundreds of dollars on the long-term by switching to non-fossil derived forms of energy through reputable companies such as Beyond Solar. Here is a list of cool ways you can get clean energy at your home to save money and the environment:  

Rooftop PV Panels 

One of the most popular ways to switch to clean energy at homes is rooftop solar panel installation Campbelltown.  In Australia, not only is this method becoming more popular, a rising number of retailers are also making photovoltaic energy cost effective. There are so many advantages to PV energy. You can make more kilowatts of power per square than traditional forms of electricity harvesting. More importantly, it is a reliable source of energy throughout the year. The PV panels make electricity even when it’s cloudy outside. It will only not work during night time. Therefore, consider this option, especially if you live in a very sunny part of Australia.  

PV Shingles 

Do you balk at the cost of PV panels? Then you can consider solar shingles, otherwise known as PV roof tiles. These are significantly cheap compared to the panels and can also be easy to install. Though not as powerful as panels, shingles can help you household go solar if you are unable to make the investment in panels.  

Wind Turbines 

Technically, households can derive power from wind turbines. The only caveat is that you would need a lot of land. Wind turbines are noisy, but highly effective. If you live in a rural part of Australia, wind turbines might be able to power hour home for the decades to come. You might even be able to sell electricity back to the grid because wind turbines generate massive amounts of energy.  


Hydropower refers to energy extracted from flowing water. That’s right, if you live on a property with a waterfall, you can harness the power of the waterfall to light up your house. While most households don’t have actual waterfalls in their back garden, you can request the electivity providers to make the switch. Most companies offer green options and you can choose to limit fossil fuel emissions.  

Solar Water Heating 

Do you know how much money you spend heating up the water for a shower?  It can be really wasteful especially because we are not always in the bath. This is like a form of concentrated solar power where the heaters would have PV capabilities to power-up on its own.  It’s a neat way to make sure your home is highly eco-friendly.  

Photovoltaic A/C 

The air conditioning is undoubtedly the hardest working gadgets in your home. It also eats up electricity buzz like crazy. You can now choose a PV version of this product.  In fact, I didn’t call what someone situation tissues. . That’s because it was such at home with the duffers and everyone. PV air conditioning systems do exist and saves all the money paying for ladies electricity. 

When you go for clean energy options said, choose one from the above. Australia is rapidly entering the clean energy market. It’s obviously from the get go.  

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