Engagement ring is not just any ring as the meaning and depth behind this ring is on next level. Some engagement rings depict the love that the couple have for each other while others are made in such a way that it reminds the couple about their fond memories. Sometimes people like to customize their engagement ring so that they can add little bit of the personal touch on the ring. Every girl deserves to have such an engagement ring that it can lift her mood anytime she sees it. We will be discussing everything about cushion cut engagement ring in this article. 

Engagement ring: 

Engagement ring depicts the bond and love that the couple holds for each other. It is not just any ring; it is that special ring which can lift the mood of a girl every time she sees it and which can make the man happy every time he sees it on the finger of his beloved girl. Every girl gets to wear different types of rings throughout her life but the importance that the engagement ring holds for her does not match with any other ring as it is the first promise towards the beginning of a new life. There are different types of engagement rings which may vary from four claw round diamond ring to hexagonal cut Australian Parti sapphire jewellery in Melbourne and baguette ring. One such type of engagement ring is cushion cut halo engagement ring in Melbourne

Cushion cut engagement ring: 

Cushion cut engagement ring is the type of an engagement ring which is finely cut in such a way that the surroundings of the ring are in square shaped but the corners of that square are circled. This engagement ring gives an exquisite look which not only makes the diamonds shine brighter in the light but also gives a decent outlook. 

Halo engagement ring: 
Halo engagement ring is the type of an engagement ring that encircles the inner gem, diamond or stone. This makes the diamond in the centre even brighter and prominent when the smaller diamonds surrounds it. Halo engagement ring has been famous among girls since forever and is still on the top of their list. 

Cushion cut halo engagement ring: 

We have already discussed about the cushion ring and halo ring individually so let us now discuss about the ring when both of these features are combined together in a single ring. Cushion cut halo engagement ring is the type of an engagement ring in which the big sized single diamond is surrounded by number of smaller sized diamonds. This ring is cut in such a way that the shape of the ring is made in square while the corners are round shaped. The demand of cushion cut halo engagement ring has been there since forever. It is exquisite and decent at the same time. 

Different types of engagement rings: 

There are many different kinds of engagement rings which not only differ on the basis of their shape but also on the basis of the type of stone or gem used. These gems or stones can either be of diamond, sapphire or baguette. There is a type of engagement ring known as suspended hexagonal halo ring. A hexagonal shaped ring surrounds inner gem. Then there is staggered baguette diamond ring in which the diamond is made in a zigzag manner. Three stone modified hexagonal diamond ring, four claw black spinel rings are some other types of engagement rings that are quite popular among girls. 


Engagement ring is not just any other ring but a ring that holds special importance as it is the first promise that two partners take for their new life ahead. One of the most loved and highly adored engagement rings among girls is the cushion cut halo engagement ring. It is the type of engagement ring in which there is a big central diamond. This ring is made in square shape but the corners are finely cut in circular shape. “Melanie Katsalidis” possess the wide variety of engagement rings; one of the most adored items among those rings is cushion cut halo engagement ring. 

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